Santa Calls Me for Adults

Santa Calls Me is not only for kids!  We receive many requests for Santa to call family, friends or significant others of all ages.  People love to get a call from Santa, whether they know it's coming or by surprise.  A call from Santa brings a special feeling of Christmas for people of all ages.

Whether your friend needs a holiday pick-me-up, a total de-Scrooge-ing or you just want your loved one to know that Santa is watching them this season, Santa Calls Me can make your holiday connection a success.

Feel free to tell a friend that you want Santa to call you.

**Please note Santa Calls Me reserves the right to refuse to make rude or offensive phone calls.  However, we are willing to let someone know they need to be nicer or they might end up on the naughty list.

Why Santa Calls Me?

Santa Calls Me has been giving children of all ages Christmas memories for a lifetime since 2005.

Santa Calls Me makes calls to people of any age for any occasion all year round.

Santa Calls Me can help give doubtful kids another year of the magic only Santa can bring.

Watch the sparkle in your children's eyes when they discover that Santa has taken time out of his busy schedule to call them personally to make a Christmas connection.

Help spread the Christmas spirit year round with a one of a kind phone call and email from Santa.