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Santa calls can be ordered for children of all ages. We have made calls to bosses, co-workers, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, friends and of course children all over the continental United States.

Some other things to think about:
When do I want the Santa Call to be made? Some parents like to get their child in the Christmas spirit right after the Thanksgiving Holiday. One parent even told me she thinks it helps her daughter behave better throughout this special time of year. Then again others like to have Santa call during the week leading up to Christmas, on Christmas Eve or even on Christmas Day. The choice is up to you, whenever you decide to have the call know that we will make it as magical as possible.


Each one of our e-mails are written directly from Santa to your child, we do not use a form or send out a generic e-mail. Each email is unique and is written specifically for your boy or girl using the information you provide. In each e-mail Santa will tell of all the busyness of the Season and how much fun he is having preparing for his big night.

The e-mail (just like the Santa call) can be used to reinforce good behavior, gently remind the child that Christmas is not all about the presents, curb unacceptable behavior or just wish them the best Christmas in every way. Just let us know when you fill out the information for your child if there is anything you wish us to bring up or avoid in the e-mail. You fill out the information page about your child/children and Santa will write a personal e-mail to your child based off the information you provided. And of course, Santa himself signs every email.

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Why Santa Calls Me?

Santa Calls Me has been giving children of all ages Christmas memories for a lifetime since 2005.

Santa Calls Me makes calls to people of any age for any occasion all year round.

Santa Calls Me can help give doubtful kids another year of the magic only Santa can bring.

Watch the sparkle in your children's eyes when they discover that Santa has taken time out of his busy schedule to call them personally to make a Christmas connection.

Help spread the Christmas spirit year round with a one of a kind phone call and email from Santa.